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For more than 40 years, the lawyers of Bellas & Wachowski have served as trusted advisers to their clients, counseling them on avoiding legal problems, protecting their families, offering superior litigation skills when needed, and solving legal problems efficiently and economically.

The Chicago business lawyers of Bellas and Wachowski have received national recognition for protecting their clients. George Bellas has been named an Illinois Super Lawyer eleven times and is recognized as one of the top 100 trial lawyers in Illinois. Peter Wachowski was recognized as one of the "40 Lawyers Under 40 to Watch in Chicago." They have served as trusted business advisors to hundreds of small business owners, helping them develop their businesses, protecting their personal assets and families, and have helped small business owners navigate difficult issues. They have also handled complex lawsuits against big corporations such as Ford Motor Company, Pfizer, Motorola, General Motors and other Fortune 500 companies. They offer litigation experience in such matters as:

Shareholder and Partnership Disputes
Personal Injury
Breach of Contract
Restrictive Covenants
Workers' Compensation
Commercial Lawsuits
Business Disputes
Employment Cases

Attorneys Who Care About Their Clients

At Bellas & Wachowski the focus is always on achieving the best results for the clients efficiently and economically. Our Chicago business attorneys have developed many innovative methods to provide their clients with added protection. For example, under the watchful eye of Peter Wachowski, they have developed a unique Total Guard Approach™ that ensures clients' finances will be protected.

The business litigation cases turn on the skill and technology knowledge of senior partner George Bellas, who has achieved a national reputation for his work in complex business lawsuits and has been recognized by other lawyers as one of the best trial lawyers in Illinois. George Bellas is a frequent lecturer to other lawyers on how to use technology in litigation and electronic discovery.

And in the field of business law, George Bellas has created the Corporate Maintenance Plan™ that protects the personal assets of business owners by insuring that the corporate structure is preserved and creates a unique relationship between the business owner and their lawyer by creating a long term relationship with a lawyer that understands a business owner’s unique needs. This helps avoid problems before they begin.

Trusted Advisors

The founders of the firm of Bellas & Wachowski believe that the best way to protect a business owner is to create trust and provide more than sound legal advice. They have spent years building a solid reputation for strong advocacy and all-encompassing client service. The lawyers create lifelong clients who not only seek legal advice, but also want a trusted advisor who understands their business needs, has concern for the protection of their families, and is responsive to all questions and concerns. They accomplish this by offering unique and creative billing options. They don’t charge outlandish hourly rates that downtown lawyers are notorious for. The firm puts their business clients’ bottom lines and success as their priority.

At Bellas & Wachowski our business is your business. We are a full service business law firm for small business owners. Our partners are recognized as leaders among their peers - other lawyers. We offer legal services in:

Business & Corporate Matters
Limited Liability Company Structure and Operations
Employment Issues
Business LItigation
Partnership & Shareholder Disputes
Real Estate
Estate Planning
Mediation and Arbitration of Disputes

The focus of the firm is to provide clients with value and legal services that are critical to the success of today's increasingly complex technological world. Solid experience and technological knowledge coupled with independent thinking help make Bellas & Wachowski trusted advisors to business owners. They understand the importance of keeping legal expenses to a minimum, which is why the firm is committed to utilizing technology to keep their eyes on the client’s bottom line.

A number of Client Information Bulletins on business issues are part of this website to help business owners understand some of the frequent issues encountered in business.

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Bellas & Wachowski have put together a large website with useful information. If at any time you want to speak to a Chicago business lawyer about a possible case, contact Bellas & Wachowski immediately. Their staff of experienced lawyers and paralegals is available to assist you in dealing with your legal and business problems.