Protecting Your Business Jewels

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Protecting Your Business Jewels


Remember the Motorola engineer who was nabbed at O'Hare with confidential trade secrets of Motorola on his way to China to sell the technology to a Chinese competitor of Motorola?

"In today's world,the most valuable thing that anyone has is technology...The most important thing this country can do is to protect its trade secrets" ~ Judge Castillo, Presiding Judge in the Motorola case


This case is an explicit reminders of the need for every business to protect theitrade secrets. These are some suggestions to help assess your need to protect your trade secrets.


Identification: What are the trade secrets that are the mosimportanto youbusiness? These could be a system or technique you have developed, software, or even a list of your customers. What are the business assets that, if lost, would cripple your business.


Protect Your Secrets: What do you do to protect your business tradsecrets? You should only disclose them to those employees who need to know the secrets. Are those secrets kept in a password encrypted computer with limited access.


What is the Your Trade Secret Business Policy: Does your business have a written policy that dictates how employees handle confidential business information, that the company owns intellectual property produced by employees during their employment, and defines an employee's duty to protect Trade Secrets. Non-compete and non-solicitationclauses can be a part of this document. Do you require employees to sign a copy of the policy, and reviewit with them during an exit interview if they are terminated.


Non-Disclosure Agreements.NDA's should be in place with all employees and key vendors and

business associates. In particular, NDA's should be executed with strategic partners in which key

intellectual property is being developed or shared.


If your business has trade secrets, you need to protect them like the family jewels. At Bellas & Wachowski we have helped clients with taking the necessary steps to protect the trade secrets of many businesses.

B&W News

Once again Bellas & Wachowski Walked a Mile in Her Shoes! Peter Wachowski put on her shoes, walked the walk, and is talking the talk to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. 

George was recognized in Chicago magazine as an Illinois Super Lawyer for his work in business litigation.  This is the 9th time he has received this recognition based on the voting of other lawyers.

George had another article published in the State Bar newsletter regarding the consequences of publishing a litigant's personal information in a pending lawsuit.

Attorneys Who Care About Their Clients


At Bellas & Wachowski our focus is always on achieving the best results for our clients. We have developed many innovative methods to provide our clients with added protection. For example, in our personal injury work, we take a unique Total Guard Approach that ensures clients' finances will be protected during litigation. And in our business law section, we offer a Corporate Maintenance Plan that helps maintain a business's corporate standing.


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