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Once again Bellas & Wachowski Walked a Mile in Her Shoes! Peter Wachowski put on her shoes, walked the walk, and is talking the talk to stop rape, sexual assault, and gender violence. 




George was recognized in Chicago magazine as an Illinois Super Lawyer for his work in business litigation.  This is the 9th time he has received this recognition based on the voting of other lawyers.


George had another article published in the State Bar newsletter regarding the consequences of publishing a litigant's personal information in a pending lawsuit.


May, 2014 

At Bellas & Wachowski we pride ourselves on being trusted advisers with the goal of achieving the best possible results for our clients. 


We have developed many innovative methods to provide our clients with added protection and utilize technology to create efficient and economical solutions. 

Five Strategies to Avoid a Lawsuit
"I was never ruined but twice; once when I lost a lawsuit and once when I won one." - Voltaire


Without a doubt, we live in a litigious world. A woman in the United Kingdom sued her divorce lawyer, saying he did not adequately warn her that the case would end with her being divorced. (The suit was thrown out.) Two hotels in San Diego sued the city because sea lions poop on the beach and the smell was driving away customers. (The case is pending.) People sue and get sued for all kinds of reasons,good and bad, so the odds are that your business will be involved in a lawsuit at some point. And for a small business, a lawsuit could be a death knell.


It is highly unlikely that a business can successfully avoid all lawsuits, but you can minimize the risk. In our experience representing business owners, we have developed a strategy that will help business owners reduce the risk of being sued.


  1. Have a partnership or shareholder agreementA partnership agreement formalizes procedures to help business owners overcome a host of problems.
  2. Protect your trade secrets and your intellectual property and properly register your trademarks .
  3. Make sure the Terms and Conditions in your business contracts are legally binding.
  4. Get the right kinds of insurance. In addition to property insurance, which covers you in the event of a disaster, you may wish to consider business interruption insurance, which will cover the loss of income if your business in unable to operate for stated reasons.


Number 5 is the most important:  Have a strong relationship with a trusted lawyer  who is familiar with all of your business activities. At Bellas & Wachowski, we strive to help small businesses succeed and our clients, most of them start-ups, have benefited from our assistance. We have a proven record of success. Talk to us. We can help and we want your business to survive, and thrive.Check out our Website for some helpful tips on protecting your business.



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