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Practice Areas

Lawyers are sworn to protect the law, but lawyers also are obligated to protect a client’s rights. The law firm of Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law accepts these obligations and has adopted a creed that requires them to study the law and utilize technology to best serve their clients while remaining effective communicators. The firm understands that to best serve their clients they must understand many different fields of law since their clients are faced with many many different issues, some unknown. The firm also understands the importance of educating its clients about the many different legal issues that they may face in their personal and business lives.

Lawyers Peter Wachowski and George Bellas have been working together since 1990 to develop a unique synergy that has resulted in a dynamic law practice that focuses on the best interests of the client. Their diverse experience has melded into an environment where the client realizes the benefit of having experienced, professional and friendly lawyers that assist in diverse areas of practice where they are more than just lawyers. They are trusted business lawyers who value the individual rights of all their clients and work zealously to protect the rights of their clients. The diverse nature of their practice allows the firm to service the many needs of their clients, and each lawyer has their own area of expertise and experience. By working together, the lawyers of Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law marshal all of their diverse skills and experience to assist and solve the many legal issues that confront the firm's clients.

Each lawyer in the firm brings unique experience and professional skills to the table. The diverse area of practice of the firm reflects the firm’s commitment to serve the best interests of the clients and to provide a full range of legal services for our clients. For this reason, we believe we truly serve as trusted business advisors and trusted personal advisors.

The lawyers of the firm understand that in order to be effective communicators and counselors, they also have an obligation to educate their clients about the many legal issues that they may confront in their business and personal lives. For this reason the firm has developed a robust web site that provides a brief synopsis of some of the legal issues our clients may face. The Practice Areas identified below provide links to a number of client information bulletins about various legal subjects.