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At Bellas & Wachowski, we have a wide-ranging real estate practice. Our lawyers help individuals with residential transactions and also assist businesses with many complex commercial real estate matters.

Residential Real Estate

We recognize that there is very tight competition within the field of residential real estate closings that keeps attorneys' fees extremely low. We have endeavored to keep up with the competition.

However, there is no substitute for experience and professionalism, and this makes the difference in our client relationships. When you are engaging in the purchase or sale of your residence, this is frequently the largest financial transaction of your life, and we provide our clients with the protection they expect in this transaction.

We are members of Attorneys Title Guaranty Fund, and as such can fully serve your needs and protect your family's largest investment. Furthermore, we are experienced in every aspect of residential and commercial transactions, including real estate related litigation. Whether you are buying or selling your principal residence, a condominium, townhouse, or commercial property, your interests are given the highest priority. Contact attorney Vicki Gonzales at 847-823-9030, ext. 211 for a consultation.

Whether or not you become one of our clients, you may find the following articles helpful:

Commercial Real Estate

Bellas & Wachowski is a full-service business law and litigation firm, encompassing every aspect of our clients' businesses. One of the many fields in which we have extensive experience is business real estate matters. We can assist you with:

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