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Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Start My Business

Every new business venture presents its own unique challenges and issues. At time the challenge can be overwhelming. Once accomplished , entrepreneurs face the challenge of stying in business.

As attorneys we have counseled many entrepreneurs on how to proceed with a new venture. We have encountered many issues and experienced lawyers can help minimize many of the problems that business owners will encounter in their business development.

Many events can change the course of a business. Lets consider several examples of what could destroy a business:

  1. Your partner decides to leave the business and insists that you buyout his interest for an unreasonable amount of money in cash.
  2. Your client leaves the business, taking with him the client list and several of your best clients. Your partner than opens a competing business across the street from you.
  3. Your partner accrues a huge amount of debt, without your knowledge, thereby placing the future of the business in jeopardy.
  4. Your partner dies, leaving his interest to his wife, with whom you just haven’t been able to get along.
  5. Any one of these events could trigger the end of your business venture. As attorneys, we know that there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid, or at least minimize, the consequence of these events without ending the business.
  6. To prevent a costly legal battle between partners over the value of your respective interest, you can execute a shareholders agreement or a partnership agreement which delineates the manner in which each partner or shareholder can withdraw from the business, sell their interest to a third party, or sell their interest to the other partners all based on a predetermined valuation formula.
  7. To prevent your partner from leaving the business with the client list or with clients, you could execute a “Non-Compete Agreement” which prevents partners or owners from competing with the other in a particular geographic area for a predetermined period of time.
  8. To prevent the demise of a business resulting from unreasonable debts incurred by one of the partners, the partners can sign an agreement specifying who may incur debt on behalf of the venture. This would eliminate the possibility of a business failure arising from the poor management of one of the partners.
  9. To prevent you from having to work side by side with your deceased partner’s spouse or to prevent the spouse of the deceased partner from being involved in the business at all, partners can execute a Buy-Sell Agreement which obligates their respective spouse’s to agree to the sale of business or to a buyout of their interest in the event of a death.

Of course, all of these are alternatives to litigation which could be costly to everyone. This is why we frequently recommend to start up businesses that they consider these types of events and plan for them in the early stages of the business’ development.

Each business situation is unique and requires the particular talents of an experienced business lawyer. The lawyers at Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law have the experience to assist you and advise you regarding most issues which are presented in your business. Consult with knowledgeable and experienced professionals whenever possible. For more information contact George Bellas ( or 847.823.9030 Ext: 219) or Bill Boznos ( or 800.825.9260) for a free initial consultation.

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