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Divorce During CoronaVirus Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Are the Stay-in-Place directives putting stress on the marriage relationship?

Much of the United States is currently under shelter-in-place orders to flatten the curve and slow the spread of the Coronavirus. This is an abrupt change for many households where both spouses were typically out of the house at work for most of the day and the children were at school. Unfortunately, given all this forced togetherness, many couples are coming to the realization that their marriage cannot survive the lockdown. Instead of coming together, couples are seeing the ugly truth that divorce is no longer avoidable. Many couples in this predicament are seeking answers to questions regarding marital assets, debts, child support, child and custody. If you have these questions and are looking for an experienced Chicago divorce attorney, look no further.

For some couples who have been thinking about or on the brink of divorce, the economic downturn might mean a substantial loss of assets and even their careers. This loss of income during the current crisis could make it the most opportunistic time to file for divorce. For others, this is a time for self-reflection and perhaps a realization that they haven’t been living the life that they want. This could mean a time for new beginnings.

While the courts are shut down until at least May 1, many are left wondering if a divorce during this time is even possible or advisable. Well, divorce is still possible during the pandemic. Divorce is difficult on its own, let alone during a pandemic, which is why our firm highly encourages couples to come to an agreement regarding the division of their marital assets so that an uncontested divorce can be filed. We can help you get there. The divorce process is simplified when the parties have made their own choices and agreements. One alternative is battling it out in drawn out litigation, which is expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining. And at the end of all that, important decisions affecting your life are left in the hands of a judge. Why not be in control of your future? We can help you with a division of your marital assets, including property and maintenance (formerly known as alimony). We can also help you if you have children. Child custody can get ugly, but it doesn’t have to. We encourage all parties to put the best interests of the children first and it is more likely than not that the parties can reach an amicable agreement as to child custody, visitation and child support.

Our firm prides itself on helping people while also being financially reasonable. The legal system should be available to everyone, not just the wealthy. With that in mind, and the well-being of our clients, we promote settlements and an amicable resolution whenever possible. While our firm promotes settlements for divorce cases, we are not unaccustomed to divorce litigation. In some instances, the parties are just not able to come to an agreement and court proceedings become necessary.

There are also instances in which the parties have agreement on certain aspects and disagreement on other aspects. Mediation is an option for couples struggling to come to an agreement. Each side is represented by an attorney and a third-party neutral mediator assists the parties in coming to an agreement, if possible.

If you are not yet ready for divorce, there are other options as well. For those not yet married, a prenuptial agreement is a great way to take away the uncertainty of the future. No one goes into a marriage expecting to get divorced, but the fact of the matter is that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. For those already married, a postnuptial might be an option. These agreements can outline what happens to assets in the event of divorce.

If you are contemplating divorce or are simply looking for information based on your specific situation, contact one of our experienced Chicago divorce attorneys. Misty Cygan has been with Bellas & Wachowski for over 11 years and has been helping clients navigate the divorce waters. She can be reached at misty@bellas-wachowski.com or 847-823-9034.