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Criminal Defense

People accused of crimes need to have a lawyer on their side as soon as possible. Police and other authorities are well-trained at getting confessions out of people, and often use people's words against them later. Criminal defense lawyers know their tricks, and can protect clients from them.

The Chicago criminal attorneys of Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law can protect you while working hard to lessen your punishments or obtain your freedom. In the past 30 years, they have helped hundreds of people in the Chicago, Illinois area with a wide range of criminal charges, including:

  • Drunk driving (DUI / DWI)
  • Battery
  • Domestic assault
  • Drug charges
  • Shoplifting, aka retail theft
  • Expungement of past criminal charges

At Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law, our service is all-encompassing. We don't just file a few things on your behalf and take your money — our attorneys get to know you and work hard to obtain for you the best possible outcome. Our goal is to protect you in every way possible.

For example, we are trying to find ways to provide further help to people accused of shoplifting. Not only do they suffer punishments from the state — often they are also extorted for more money by the store. At this writing, our Chicago criminal lawyers are looking into the possibility of starting a class action lawsuit on behalf the people undergoing this injustice.

Expungement: Clearing Your Criminal Record

Another aspect of our criminal defense practice we feel strongly about is our work in expungement. Many young people are caught on minor offenses and suffer from a permanent mark on their record, one that can prevent them from getting into the schools they deserve to attend. Adults have trouble getting jobs and loans because of a conviction long ago.

Through an expungement, our lawyers can hide the conviction from the view of schools, employers, banks, anyone else who has access to your record. An expungement can help you move on with your life and leave the past behind.

Contact Us

Contact Bellas & Wachowski Attorneys at Law to speak with an experienced Chicago criminal attorney about your criminal defense needs. We respond quickly to all inquiries.