Divorce – Planning ahead is the Best Advice

No one wants to go thru the tragedy of a divorce. But staying together can be even worse, particularly for the children.

The best thing to help get through the difficulties of a divorce is take the recommendations we give our business clients. Have a partnership agreement before getting married will save everyone anguish. A well drafted Prenuptial Agreement is legally enforceable. It is like any other business contract. But it takes an experienced lawyer to help gather up all of the information and insure that all of the details needed are included to make it enforceable.

When divorce looms as the only option, then people should seek the counsel of lawyers who are experienced and sensitive to the needs of the family as a whole, and in particular that means the children. The lawyers of Bellas & Wachowski are caring and sensitive to the plights of divorcing parents and their children. Although we do not handle divorce cases on a regular basis, we have assisted our business clients in getting thru the difficult and complex problems associated with divorce. Our familiarity with business law, business valuations and business structures have helped our clients maintain the integrity of their business in a divorce and thus help everyone preserve the asset that provides an income for the welfare of the children.

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