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Bellas & Wachowski Newsletter | Mar 2014

March 2014
Attorneys Who Care About Their Clients

At Bellas & Wachowski we pride ourselves on being trusted advisers with the goal of achieving the best possible results for our clients. 

We have developed many innovative methods to provide our clients with added protection and utilize technology to create efficient and economical solutions. 


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Preserve Your Corporation or LLC Status -
The Corporate Maintenance Plan™



Bellas And Wachowski
Bellas And Wachowski

We see this as a frequent problem.  To preserve your legal status as a corporation or LLC, you must file annual reports and adhere to the strict laws about maintaining your legal status.  Failure to maintain your businesses corporate or LLC status could have a devastating consequence since it subjects the business owner to personal liability and could affect your family and your personal estate.  You must protect your corporate of LLC status to avoid personal or tax liability.  People running small or mid-sized corporations have overwhelming responsibilities. They often simply do not have time for such tasks as maintaining  proper corporate minutes and corporate records. But doing so is vital for protecting personal liability and the business' tax status with the Internal Revenue Service.

As part of our comprehensive business law services, the attorneys of Bellas & Wachowski is able to help solve the problem of maintaining your business' standing to transact business in the State of Illinois as a corporation or limited liability company. With our "Corporate Maintenance Program" we will:

       Act as your Company's official Registered Agent in the State of Illinois for service of process to insure you receive all formal notices from the Secretary of State and legal process

       Remind you in advance of your Company's Annual Meetings of the Shareholders, Directors, or Members.

       Maintain your corporate or LLC minute book and seal

       Complete the summary and minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Shareholders, Directors and Members.

       Prepare and file the Annual Report and Franchise Tax with the Illinois Secretary of State


In addition, our lawyers provide unlimited telephone contact with you during the entire year to answer your questions regarding the daily business issues which confront you in your business enterprise. We believe strongly in providing close, attentive service to each client, lending our many years of experience to every aspect of their business. In short, we are proud to be the "In-House Counsel" for Small Business Owners™ and serve as a trusted business advisor to your business and family.

Keeping Costs Reasonable:  At Bellas & Wachowski we understand the importance of keeping business costs low. So we have set the cost of the Corporate Maintenance Program low to make affordable for small businesses.  Please contact George Bellas (847-823-9030 x219) if you have any questions about this program or use the sign-up form below.


Bellas & Wachowski  


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What's happening at Bellas & Wachowski
  • George has been named an Illinois Super Lawyer after voting by other Illinois lawyers.  This is the 9th time George has received this honor as one of the top business litigation lawyers in the state.
  • Bill Boznos has filed a lawsuit against a psychotherapist who misappropriated his patient's funds on the pretext that he was investing the money for the patient.   

Our Attorneys


George "Geo" Bellas 

Peter C. Wachowski 

William P. Boznos 

Misty J. Cygan 

Vicki Hathaway Gonzalez 

Patrick Andes 


Bellas & Wachowski are grateful for our clients. We hope our newsletter provides valuable information for you.

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